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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly am I getting?

It's essentially a personalised newsletter, tailored to the your and your business (or client).

Synthemic gathers the latest academic research & industry reports, summarizes them using AI, and generates personalized A/B test insights based on your business's specific data. By melding cutting-edge research with AI-driven personalization, Synthemic ensures you stay ahead of the curve in your marketing efforts.

Can I request specific journals or articles to be included in the insights?

We are always looking to expand our database of academic journals and provide more value to our users. If you have a specific journal or article you'd like us to consider, please contact us with your suggestions.

How reliable are the AI-generated hypotheses and insights?

As with any AI-driven tool, it's essential to use the insights generated as a starting point for further analysis and decision-making, rather than considering them infallible. We encourage users to verify their AI-generated hypotheses and insights in the context of their business, leveraging their industry expertise and intuition.

Can Synthemic replace my entire marketing team or process?

No! Think of it as your team's secret weapon—a valuable ally in the marketing world. Synthemic is here to supercharge your strategies with the latest tailored research. As a beta product, it's constantly evolving, so while it can't do everything, we're committed to helping you discover new ideas and make data-driven decisions that will amplify your team's hard work.